Here are some highlights from the first night’s dinner and walk home. We def. had an adventure. Didn’t get in until almost 2 AM after being up for forever! I am behind of editing so you will just have to deal with UNEDITED photos!!! But at least you all can see what I’ve been doing and what it looks like here!! It is SO amazing! I love it here!

Our Sangria we ordered with dinner, DELICIOUS!

This was a ceviche salad with octopus! It was FANTASTIC!!

This was the window of our restaurant. This is very common for restaurants to have display windows with seafood, etc. in it!

This is the restaurant we ate. It was very good and def. a place where locals go. There is also an amazing purse store across the street! Check out the sidewalks!! It is like that EVERYWHERE!!

I love this! Random statue in an alley on the walk back to the hotel! 😛

HOW ROMANTIC IS THIS!? It looks exactly like this EVERYWHERE!

Random alley art.

Made a pit stop for wine on the way home! 🙂

View from our balcony at night! 🙂

Welp, that is it for now folks! It is close to 2:30 AM!!! I am SOOO behind on loading photos! We have just been going and going, no time to stop and be on here! Love you all and miss you!!