So I finally got some time so here is an update, finally Day Two! I am only two days behind, LOL.  Day Two started out with us taking the trolley up the hill towards the Castle at the top of the hill. The trolley reminded me of the ones in San Francisco but not as classy. It was muggy and hot that day and let me tell you being shoved against a bunch of people on the trolley was not a fun experience. After a while though the people cleared out and I was able to take a seat and enjoy the breeze and the views! We stopped at the Thieves Market which was like a HUGE flea market with a bunch of vendors selling jewelry, clothing,  and every other thing you could possibly imagine. There was literally people there who gathered their random junk and came to sell it, but overall it was very cool! The Thieves Market took place behind this church:

This lady was selling tablecloths whom my cousin Linda has bought from the past three times she has visited Portugal. She was so nice and so accommodating! She even ran to her car to get more tablecloths for us to go through. It’s hard trying to find the right one! 😛 She also had one of the nicer set-ups of most of the vendors at the Thieves Market.

This is the trolley we took up to the Thieves Market and Castle. And it is totally a symbol for Lisbon. There is t-shirts, paintings, post cards, etc. that have the trolley all over the city on them.

View of Lisbon from this plaza outside a church we stumbled across trying to find the castle. Isn’t it beautiful!? Look at all those tile roofs!

This is the church we stumbled across…. Nice surprise eh!? Look at the detailing in the architecture! It is amazing.

So we stumbled across the church while we were trying to find our way to the castle so we needed to really find our way to the Castle. It was quite a little adventure and quite a walk, uphill when it is humid and warm! Took some photos while we were walking..

Everyone, and I mean everyone dries their laundry this way. I loved  this one! The white house, white and blue laundry, and it is arranged long to short! 🙂

There are plants like this growing all over the city. Gorgeous! This was outside this amazing jewelry store we found on our way to the Castle.

A view of the Castle from the church we stumbled across. It was built by the Moors in the 11th century.

The castle was amazing. It had several false entrances and other effective defense techniques. We got to wander all around, walk up to the towers, through the inner courtyard, and all along the defensive walls. The towers lent for some amazing views!!