So I am officially the worst blogger ever!! I’ve had enough people hounding me to get back to the rest of my trip so I figured I’d better give it another go. I am STILL behind on editing all the photos, eekkk! I can’t believe it. Hopefully I will have them done by the one year mark, haha! So without any further adieu….

After leaving Obidos on our bus tour, we stopped at a monastery called Alcobaca. It was founded by the first Portuguese king in 1153 and was one of the first Gothic buildings in Portugal. Let me tell you, it was absolutely breath taking to be standing looking up at something so massive and that dates back to 1153! Alcobaca also houses the royal tombs of King Pedro and his mistress who was assassinated by Pedro’s own father. Pedro himself later crowned the dead mistress Queen upon becoming King and according to folklore made his royal court kiss the dead queen’s hand to pay her tribute. Ewww. Talk about dedication!

Yes, this building was MASSIVE. And totally tickled my architectural fancy.

We definitely got blessed by the weather this day. All that gorgeous light flowing into through the archways, cracks, and crevices. I can only imagine what these courtyards would have looked like full of life. Check out those ceilings too! So cool!

This was the central sanctuary which is still functioning today. In fact, there is a mass currently going on in the photo. Could you imagine attending church HERE!? Look at the massive scale of this room! In very front of the room on either side is the royal tombs of the king and his mistress commissioned by King Pedro himself.

So there you have it. Alcobaca. Isn’t it amazing!?


P.S. Check jake out in that last one.. Really gives you a good sense of scale.


P.P.S. I am going to do this more often. I promise. I really promise this time 🙂