After leaving Alcobaca, we headed to the coast to old fishing village of Nazare. Today, Nazare is still known for being one of the most prominent fishing villages in Portugal and traditional methods of fishing are still in practice. Small, very colorful, wooden boats are used and catch of fish is still dried on nets in the sun right there on the beach!

Nazare is such a quaint little town, I would have loved to spend more time in this town. But unfortunately, the tour only stopped for about 10 minutes on the beach and then lunch. I guess next time I go back, I will just have to spend some quality here!

It was overcast and cloudy on the beach, so upsetting! Reminds me of being on the North Coast but WAY warmer! πŸ˜‰ People weren’t hindered by the weather though, still enjoying the beach.

Check out the little tents in the background, they were all over the place! They cracked me up, it’s like an alternative to an umbrella on the beach! Love how the town spills down the countryside as well, so beautiful!

Still despite the weather, the view was breathtaking!


Don’t you just love this city? Great architecture, mixture of textures and colors. So there we are. Nazare. Now shall we have lunch? πŸ™‚

Next we headed up on the hill to have lunch. Which started with…

Wine, of course! We are in Portugal! Wine is absolutely a staple here and we were served it with literally every meal besides breakfast. Some of the best wines ever AND I can find some of them even in my little town of Chico!

And we cannot forget the cheese! Oh the cheese. I am drooling just looking at it. Portugal hands down makes some of the best cheese I’ve ever tasted. I miss it so much. My waistline not so much. Check out those plates too! Love them.

I was still getting used to documenting everything we did in Portugal and well, when I was hungry, I forgot to take photos of my meal! I will get better, I promise. So, let’s skip ahead… πŸ˜›

After every meal we were offered, cafe. Not coffee, cafe… essentially espresso. It comes in this cute little cup with saucer and a package of sugar. And yes, the sugar is essential in order to drink it. Lol. It was definitely a nice little pep after a nice relaxing lunch.

And of course, if you didn’t want some cafe after lunch, you could always have some liqueur. πŸ™‚ This is amaretto, but they offer many other different flavors.

Next, we are headed to Batalha! Stay tuned! Some amazing architecture coming up soon!