After lunch in Nazare, we headed to Batalha. The Batalha Monastary is, to say the least amazing, and one of the original examples of Late Gothic architecture in Portugal. It was built to thank the Virgin Mary for a Portuguese victory and took over a decade to build. Construction was finished around 1517 and spanned the reign of seven kings. As you will see, construction took an enormous effort and enlisted the service of 15 architects.

The exterior of the building was almost menacing reaching up towards the sky. The Gothic architecture can immediately be seen in the pointed arch windows, buttresses, and rib vaults in the interior.


The interior was even more amazing with all that stained glass and those huge vaulted ceilings! You really had to take the time to look up and appreciate every little detail.







Check out the stained glass… It was amazing! Each panel told a story.

I cannot believe the attention to detail. Could you image carving this!?




Well there it is. Batalha in all its glory! Pretty amazing isn’t it!?